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Ray & Jay presents: 'Box Full Of Stuff' Tour
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Ray & Jay presents: 'Box Full Of Stuff' Tour

What's happening?

In short, A Box Full of Stuff is a fun night spent doing the things that we most enjoy. It’s a night for hearing about what makes artists create the work that they do, for sharing food and drink with friends and strangers, for listening to live music, and for leaving with pieces of art that you can hold in your hands.

The event is open to anyone who would like to attend, but will focus on artists who are striving to make something personal and tangible. We believe that the best way to gather inspiration for your own art is to hear from other artists working in different disciplines, so our speakers will all present from the perspective of their individual creative path. It’s a chance to be inspired by people who have driven themselves to take the necessary risks in order to produce beautiful things that mean something to them.

The night will consist of a series of short presentations focusing on how and why the speakers make the work that they do, and why this is important to the kind of life they want to lead. The presenters will all have something tangible to share, as we believe that art has a totally different impact when experienced away from a screen.

In keeping with this theme, the rest of the night will be spent socialising while immersed in art. There'll be art on display from both the presenters and local artists, which you'll be able to explore as you enjoy delicious food & drinks and fantastic live music.

Spend the evening learning more about artists that you admire as you make new friends in a welcoming, inspiring and - most importantly - fun environment!

So, to recap:

Who: Ray, Jay, local artists and you
What: A real good night of art, music, food and fun
Where: Melbourne AU and (coming soon) USA
When: 6th DEC 2018
Why: Because life is short and spending it surrounded by friends seems like the best way to live it.

Speaker Line Up:

Ryan Muirhead (Photographer @ryanmuirhead) WEBSITE
Jai Long (Photographer @freethebirdphotography) WEBSITE
Kyle Lionhart (Musician @kylelionhart) WEBSITE
Beci Orpin (Illustrator, Designer, Author @Beciorpin) WEBSITE
Mo Wyse & Shannon Martinez (Entrepreneurs, Chefs, Authors @smithanddaughters) WEBSITE

More speakers TBA

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