Ray And Jay Tour




What's it all about?

A Box Full Of Stuff is a gathering for creative entrepreneurs and artists alike.

We love the fact that so many people are working on creating something tangible, whether it be a photo, a book, a song, or anything else. We believe that we can achieve so much more if we cross-pollinate between different industries, exchanging ideas and insights. It's a powerful way to make connections, gather inspiration and have a good time along the way.

A Box Full Of Stuff comes from the idea of simply making something that's meaningful to you. It's also a play on the concept of "thinking outside the box" and puts all that you've created back into the box.

We want you to be inspired by artists and entrepreneurs who have driven themselves to take the necessary risks in order to produce beautiful things that mean something to them.

There will be art hanging on the walls, music sailing through the airwaves and plenty of delicious drinks & tasty food, creating an environment that's welcoming, inspiring and - most importantly - fun!


The tour starts in Melbourne on the 6th Dec 2018
Dates for America will be from April - May 2019 TBC

Ray & Jay

Who are Ray & Jay?

Ray & Jay are the alter egos of Ryan Muirhead and Jai Long. 

Why do they have an alter ego for something like this you might ask? Well let me tell ya...

These guys love art, community, entertaining and educating - this project is an evolution of all these things. 

After attending countless conferences and workshops, they both realised that these events can sometimes lack personality and a sense of entertainment. So why not have fun with the concept - and what better way to have fun than to make up some characters to present the show?

Ray is a person trying to figure out what it means to be a person. He spends a lot of his time wondering what life is and how we can think about thinking. Ray came to art later than most who dedicate their lives to the craft, and is still figuring out how to use this medium to express what it feels like to be alive. He thinks that art is an amazing tool for saying what words often can't, and for its ability to form intimate bonds between unexpected people. He also once fell asleep inside a closed coffin for several hours. (Ryan Muirhead)

Jay is a creative entrepreneur that loves to live life on the fly. He takes time to enjoy everything that comes his way, both the good and the bad. He has a successful career as a wedding photographer (free the bird) and educator and spends his time presenting at conferences all around the world. He has founded a bunch of creative businesses and keeps himself busy with such passion projects as film photography (@freethebirdphotography) and curating a collaborative film community (@analogfeatures).